Thursday, August 10, 2006

Places - Five unincorporated Twin Cities towns

Bloomington Ferry, MN
Lake Netta, MN
Fletcher, MN
Minnetonka Mills, MN
Nowthen, MN

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune recently ran a story about five unincorporated Twin Cities towns that were once bustling communities in the early days of Hennepin and Anoka counties. While still appearing on some maps, these towns have essentially vanished and were subsequently swallowed up by the expanding metro area, but some interesting history remains. Towns discussed in the article (unfortunately, it is no longer available online) were Bloomington Ferry, Lake Netta, Fletcher, Minnetonka Mills, and the unusually named community of Nowthen.

For additional information on these towns and their histories, please visit the following websites:

Bloomington Ferry - City of Bloomington
Lake Netta - City of Ham Lake
Fletcher - Town of Hassan
Minnetonka Mills - City of Minnetonka
Nowthen - Nowthen Threshing Show

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