Friday, May 04, 2007

Landmarks and History - MN's 10 Most Endangered Historic Places of 2007

This week the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota, an organization with a mission "to preserve, protect, and promote Minnesota's historic resources," released its 2007 listing of Minnesota's ten most endangered historic places. The list is as follows:

1. Ely Community Center in Ely

2. Serbian Cultural Center in South St. Paul

3. Litchfield Opera House in Litchfield

4. St. Anthony Falls Historic District in Minneapolis

5. Waseca Depot in Waseca

6. State Theater in Owatonna

7. St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Jordan

8. Southeast Library in Minneapolis

9. The Mississippi River Valley in St. Paul

10. Minnesota's Historic Schools - Beardsley School in Beardsley, Jasper School in Jasper, Kasson Elementary School in Kasson, Pipestone Central School in Pipestone, Two Harbors High School in Two Harbors, and Worthington Central School in Worthington

The reasons that these particular locations are in trouble vary, but common themes include such things as planned demolition, underutilization, neglect, and the threat of development. Please check out this beautiful photographic exhibit featuring these endangered sites. This exhibit also contains information on each location, as well as some proposed action items people can take to help preserve these sites and others for future generations of Minnesotans.

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