Monday, July 09, 2007

Events - “Republic of Kinney” 30 years of independence

Kinney, MN

The small town of Kinney is located on the Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota. Kinney is famous for jokingly “seceding” from the United States and becoming the “Republic of Kinney” in 1977. Unable to secure the necessary government assistance to repair its old water system, the mayor sent a letter to the Secretary of State announcing the intention to become a foreign country in hopes it would be easier to receive aid. They even went so far as to create passports which guaranteed safe passage through Kinney, as well as a piece of “potica,” a traditional Slovenian cake! This public relation stunt was successful, and Kinney eventually received the necessary aid to repair the water system. This weekend, July 13, 2007, Kinney is celebrating 30 years since declaring “independence.”

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