Thursday, May 01, 2008

Landmarks and History - MN's 10 Most Endangered Historic Place of 2008

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota has released its 2008 list of the Ten Most Endangered Historic Places. This year’s list includes the following locations:

1. Saint Louis County Jail - Duluth
2. Mantorville Unaffiliated Normal School - Mantorville
3. McGrath Old State Bank - McGrath
4. Layman's/Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery - Minneapolis
5. Oakland Apartments - Minneapolis
6. Peavey Plaza - Minneapolis
7. Saint Anthony Falls Historic District Archaeological Resources - Minneapolis
8. Floral Hall at the Olmsted County Fair Grounds - Rochester
9. St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church - St. Paul
10. The Buch House - Shakopee

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota has a motto of “…to protect, preserve, and promote Minnesota’s historic resources.” 2008 marks the 15th year of the Alliance publishing this listing. According to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a total of 122 endangered locations have been listed in that time, and two-thirds have been preserved due to the awareness that has been created by this organization.