Thursday, May 01, 2008

Landmarks and History - MN's 10 Most Endangered Historic Place of 2008

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota has released its 2008 list of the Ten Most Endangered Historic Places. This year’s list includes the following locations:

1. Saint Louis County Jail - Duluth
2. Mantorville Unaffiliated Normal School - Mantorville
3. McGrath Old State Bank - McGrath
4. Layman's/Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery - Minneapolis
5. Oakland Apartments - Minneapolis
6. Peavey Plaza - Minneapolis
7. Saint Anthony Falls Historic District Archaeological Resources - Minneapolis
8. Floral Hall at the Olmsted County Fair Grounds - Rochester
9. St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church - St. Paul
10. The Buch House - Shakopee

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota has a motto of “…to protect, preserve, and promote Minnesota’s historic resources.” 2008 marks the 15th year of the Alliance publishing this listing. According to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a total of 122 endangered locations have been listed in that time, and two-thirds have been preserved due to the awareness that has been created by this organization.

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Carol from Vancouver BC said...

Hey! Hi Jean. I just came across your site, and I'm looking forward to looking at your photos and comments. My hubby's family are from Minnesota (via Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden). All his gt. g'parents emigrated from MN to Saskatchewan (SK), Canada in 1903 and 1906 when the Canadian gov't was offering free quarter sections of land for Homesteaders, an interesting history in itself ... man, those farmers and their wives and kids sure worked hard! I've been doing his family tree for the past 4 yrs. (back to 1830). I've found and contacted all his cousins, 2nd cousins, etc in MN (also Wisc., Ohio & Montana) and it's been interesting and a lot of fun. Along the way I became very interested in the state of Minnesota, and it's history. So, I shall add your site to my Faves, and come back to visit every so often. Hubby and I - both age 52 - share your interest in food, cooking, recipes, music and photography. He is more into the cooking thing than I am these days, since I cooked 3 meals a day for all the years we raised our kids!! Are you into blues music? If so, check out Tony Steidler-Dennison's "The Roadhouse" weekly 1 hour podcasts. I often listen to them on my iPod when I go out walking every day.
(Hubby's rellies were born in Brown's Valley, Traverse Co.; Richmond/St. Martin, Stearns Co.; and Rollingstone/Minneiska, Winona Co.) He and I are both 2nd generation Canadians.
Anyway, I shall add your site to My Faves, and check out your pictures and comments every now and again.